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  • Q: What classes?    A: 10th Scale:  Spec Class    – Legends & NASCAR  (Same motor & ESC SEE BELOW)     10th: Scale Short Course Trucks  10th Scale: Gear Box       10th Scale: Pan Car Mod     1/4 Scale – ALL Classes – QSAC RULES WILL APPLY!!
  • Q. Only those classes?   A. No…we will race anything as long as there are 3 or more cars…Rock Racers, On Road RC Cars, Monster Trucks…you have a group of guys….let me know YOUR RULES…let’s Race the Skull!!
  • Q:  How much to race?     A: $15. first class  $10 second class and so on…
  • Q. What are the LEVELS of Racing? A.) Novice, Intermediate, Pro and Masters for those 45 years or older…

  • Q. Skull membership required?     A.)  Yes,  $25 a year which INCLUDES comp Wednesday afternoon practice PLUS a discount card to Smoky Mountain Hobbies in Andrews when paying THE YEARLY Skull membership….OR YOU MAY PAY A $5. MEMBERSHIP PER VISIT…which does NOT include Wednesday practice!
  • Q: Payouts?      A: We give Skull stickers to 1st thru 3rd when we have 5 or more in the class
  • Q: How many qualifiers?     A: We do two qualifiers and a main.  We invert the field on the 2nd qualifier…we attempt to do NASCAR style rolling slow starts and we use flag codes when there is a wreck. (QSAC Style: Green, Yellow & Red) Rain out will go by qualifying order!
  • Q: Fairness on Track?     A: Man Up Rule: Someone who caused the wreck (and mans up) goes to the BACK of the pack…no one mans up…BOTH go to back if pack.  Fun is the main focus here!! Never 4 get it! Race Director has final say…
  • Q: Transponders?     A: mylaps transponders – BRING YOUR OWN…we might have a few to rent with your drivers license and car keys…but no transponder…you will NOT be counted in the races.
  • Q:  BIG ROAR or QSAC Races?     A:  We are up for it….we will see…!!


 SPEC LEGEND CLASS – Novice, Intermediate, Pro & Masters

Duratrax – IntelliSpeed ESC and Duratrax Photon 2 Motor….
Stock RJ Speed Legends Body, Stock RJ Speed Spec Tires, ANY Servo and Radio, Servo Saver and Upgraded Ties Rods are OK, NO Bearings ANYWHERE, Stock RJ Speed Gearing 21T or 22T Pinion, 81T Stock Gear – ALL 48 Pitch, 2 Cell LiPo Packs, RJ Speed Rules Apply…